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Holiday Sanitation Schedule

Sanitation Pick-up Schedule by Route Sectors

*** Wednesday is Yardwaste Day for the entire Village Of Malverne ***
*** To Schedule an appointment for Bulk Pick up of Non-Metal items call 599-1200 ***
(Click on the Sector below to jump to that area)
Sector 1 - Sector 2 - Sector 3 - Sector 4
Sector 1
Sanitation (garbage)
Recyclables (cans/bottles/plastics)
Newspapers (tied or in a bin)
Metals (limit 6 items)
Sanitation (garbage)
Ackley Avenue
Ackley Court
Ambrose Avenue
Beacon Street
Carlton Street
Clinton Street
Coolidge Street
Cornwell Avenue (both sides between Franklin/E. Euclid)
(West sides between Franklin/Linden)
Dallinger Place
Drake Street
East Dover Street
East Euclid Street
Elm Street
Foster Avenue
Franklin Avenue (both sides west of Cornwell)
(south side between Cornwell/Ackley)
(south side between Cornwell & Railroad)
Gaddis Place
Gates Avenue
Home Street
Horton Street
Legion Place (between Linden/Nemeth)
Linden Street
Locust Street
Maldon Street
Michel Court
Motley Street
Nemeth Street
Orbach Avenue
Park Avenue
Peterhoff Avenue (between Linden/Ambrose)
Pine Street
Prince Court
Slabey Avenue (between Peterhoff/Cornwell)
Toomer Place
Voorhees Place
Walker Street
Webster Street
Wolf Avenue (between Peterhoff/Cornwell)
Sector 2
Sanitation (garbage)
Recyclables (cans/bottles/plastics)
Newspapers (tied or in a bin)
Metals (limit 6 items)
Sanitation (garbage)
Ashley Terrace
Atlas Avenue
Atlas Court
Burton Street
Carlisle Place
Charles Street
Church Street
Clarkson Street
Constitution Lane
Coral Court
Cornwell Avenue (between Malverne/Dogwood Avenue)
Crimson Avenue
Crimson Avenue South
Dogwood Avenue
Dolores Place
Doncaster Road
Gold Circle
Gold Place
Hanson Place (between Wright/Park Boulevard)
Hempstead Avenue (between Rider Avenue/Railroad Tracks) (between Dogwood Ave./Ocean Ave.)
Johnson Avenue (between William Street/Hempstead Avenue)
King Street (between Malverne/Cornwell Avenue)
Lawrence Avenue
Linmouth Road (between Wright Avenue/Weber Avenue)
Lorraine Court
Malverne Ave (north side) even #’s
McIntosh Court (between Woods Avenue/Dolores Place)
Morris Avenue
Morris Avenue West
North King Street
Ocean Avenue (between Atlas Ct/Wright Avenue)
Ogston Terrace (between Malverne/Sydney)
Park Boulevard
Parkview Place
Ray Lane
Sheehy Place
Silver Street
Sydney Avenue
Tulip Avenue
Utterby Road
Weber Avenue
William Street
Woods Avenue (between Adair Court/Cornwell Avenue)
Wright Avenue
Sector 3
Sanitation (garbage)
Recyclables (cans/bottles/plastics)
Newspapers (tied or in a bin)
Metals (limit 6 items)
Sanitation (garbage)
Adair Court
Alnwick Road
Arlington Avenue
Audrey Court
Avalon Place
Beech Court
Bond Avenue
Carrolton Place
Chestnut Street
Clifford Court
Cornwell Avenue
(both sides between Linden/Malverne)
(east side between Franklin Avenue/Linden St.)
Crafton Court
Derby Court
Eimer Avenue
Francis Street
Franklin Avenue
(both sides between Ackley/Railroad tracks)
(north side between Cornwell/Ackley Ave.)
Harriet Court
Hempstead Avenue
(between Railroad tracks/Dogwood Avenue)
Isley Place
King Street (between Malverne/Nassau Avenue)
Spruce Street
Legion Place (between Linden Street/Dead End)
St. Thomas Place
Lindner Place
Trinity Place
Malverne Avenue (south side odd #’s)
Wagg Avenue
Maple Street
West Avenue
McIntosh Court (between Woods Avenue/Scarcliffe Drive.
Willow Place
Nassau Avenue
Winfield Place
Norwood Avenue
Wolf Avenue (between Cornwell Ave/Bond Ave)
Nottingham Road
Oak Street
Woods Avenue (between Adair Ct./Dead End)
Ogston Terrace (between Malverne Avenue/Alnwick Road)
Peterhoff Avenue (between Linden Street/Dead End)
Woodside Avenue
Pickett Court
Riveria Court
Roosevelt Avenue
Ross Court
Scarcliffe Drive
Sheldon Place
Slabey Avenue (between Cornwell Avenue/Bond Avenue)
Sector 4
Sanitation (garbage)
Recyclables (cans/bottles/plastics)
Newspapers (tied or in a bin)
Metals (limit 6 items)
Sanitation (garbage)
Aberdeen Street
Alden Court
Babcock Place
Birch Road/Circle
Cambridge Street
Cathy Court
Cedar Road
Croyden Street
Devon Street
Doris Place
Franklin Avenue (south of R/R tracks)
Hanson Place (between Wright /Wicks Lane)
Hawthorne Place
Hempstead Avenue (south of Rider)
Jean Court
Johnson Avenue (between Hempstead/Hawthorne Place)
Kevin Court
Lakeview Avenue
Lexington Avenue
Linmouth Road (between Wright/Wicks Lane)
Lynn Court
Nassau Boulevard
North Cambridge Street
North Devon Street
Ocean Avenue (between Wright/Lakeview)
Oxford Street
Rider Avenue
Rolling Street
School Street
Sterling Place
Stuart Avenue
Tilrose Avenue
Wicks Lane
York Street
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