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Statement from Mayor Sullivan

Dated: February 8, 2024


I would like to address the unfortunate situation that the Malverne Fire Department discovered and brought to the Board of Trustees’ attention in August 2023.  Upon uncovering financial irregularities in the Department’s banking records, the Department immediately informed the Mayor who in turn informed the Village Board and Village Attorney.  The Village immediately referred the matter to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.  The situation is unique in that the alleged perpetrator was not only the Treasurer of the Department but was also an employee of the Village.  The Village and the Department acted promptly, and the alleged perpetrator is no longer a member of the Department and is no longer an employee of the Village. 


We were extremely concerned about these financial transgressions and acted swiftly with the cooperation of the Malverne Fire Department. We hired auditors to examine the Department’s financial records for the last several years and to review and recommend implementing stronger financial protocols to better safeguard public monies going forward in and above immediate actions taken by the Board. We wish the community to know that we have all been wronged by these actions and are seeking the most appropriate redress.


We want the Malverne community to know that we take this breach with the utmost seriousness. At the same time, we wish to assure everyone that the Village and the Department continue to function as usual, seeking only to serve the public with the highest standards of excellence. As all matters of this nature are confidential, we cannot discuss the status of the pending investigation or the current state of the legal proceedings. We will not be able to answer any further questions at this time, but we will share information with the Village as various agencies report their findings.  Most importantly, the Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that this situation is properly remedied and that it cannot be repeated in any manner in the future. As Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Malverne, we pledge a renewed vigor with regard to the Department’s financial matters and continue to strive to serve this exceptional community to the utmost of our ability.


The Board is grateful to the Nassau County District Attorney and her staff for their efforts in this investigation and prosecution of this matter. The Village has fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue to do so. We are eager to see this matter resolved.


The Incorporated Village of Malverne

Timothy H. Sullivan, Mayor


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