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Parking Violations

Persons who wish to pay parking tickets may do so in person during  business hours. Parking tickets may also be mailed, following the instructions on your ticket, as long as the ticket arrives at the court via mail before the court date indicated on the ticket.



Or via Phone at 888-912-1541


If you wish to plead not guilty to a Parking ticket please complete the back of the ticket and mail it to Malverne Village Justice Court.. 


Personal Check(s) or Money Order(s) will be accepted for Parking Violations.

Cash will only be accepted in person. Do not send cash through the mail.


Traffic Tickets and Village Ordinances

If you have received a Summons for an infraction of our Village Code, Vehicle & Traffic Laws of the State of New York, you may enter a plea to the summons by mail, with certain exceptions. Below are instructions for answering a traffic ticket:

  • You may appear in person on the Court date written on the Summons and plead guilty or not guilty

  • You may plead guilty by mail for most Offenses. Send payment with Part A filled out.

  • You may plead not guilty by mail in the manner prescribed on the back of the summons (Part B)

Personal Check(s) or Money Order(s) will be accepted for payment of Traffic Summonses. If you are sending a Personal Check, please make sure your phone number is on it. Cash and Credit Card (MC or Visa) will only be accepted in person. Please note that Suspensions can only be paid by Certified Check, Money Order, Cash or Credit Card. 



Acceptable Proof of Insurance

If you receive a ticket for no insurance (VTL 319-1), the only proof of insurance the court will accept is a letter from your insurance company, stating the vehicle in question was insured, with no lapse in coverage, on the date indicated on the summons. An insurance card will not be accepted as proof of insurance by the court.


Appropriate attire is required to enter the Court.
(No shorts or tank tops)


James G. Frankie

Village Justice

Melissa P. Corrado

Associate Justice

Phone: (516) 599-0722

Fax: (516) 887-4363



Court Clerk's office hours: 

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

“Court will reopen at 6:30pm on court nights*

The Malverne Village Justice Court

99 Church Street

Malverne, New York 11565


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