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Department Overview
Not since the early 1950s has Malverne experienced the current volume of all types of construction. The good news is that the Village has never looked more beautiful. Homes are being expanded and remodeled using innovative design techniques and the latest building materials. We can all be proud of this new "rebuilding of Malverne."


As part of our ongoing educational series to make the educated consumer our best customer/resident, we have developed a booklet entitled, "When Do I Need A Permit?" This is intended to be an informative, easy to understand guide that old and new residents alike can use.

The Building Department is always available to answer your questions about all types of construction. We urge all residents to take advantage of the many years of experience and training available from the inspectors. The brand new New York State Fire Prevention, Building and Energy Code is something we must consider and follow. Your contractor may not be aware of the changes that the Code has brought to the industry. You should always check with the Building Department to avoid costly mistakes. As in any industry, there is a small percentage of contractors who are unscrupulous and may attempt to take advantage of a client’s lack of knowledge about construction, plumbing or electrical codes. You may be confident that the Building Department will answer your questions.


Louis J. Santora, R.A.

Superintendent of Buildings

Certified NYS CEO

(516) 599-1200 Ext.107

Luis Lora

Certified NYS CEO

Building Inspector

(516) 599-1200 Ext. 111

MaryKate Schnaars

Building Department Clerk

(516) 599-1200 Ext.114

General Inquiries

(516) 599-1200 Ext. 113



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