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Village Infrastructure Updates

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Roadway Update

Mayor Corbett and the Village Board completed three years worth of roadway projects in seven months. The map below illustrates the roadways shaded in blue that have been repaved thus far:

Please note that the Village is currently recalibrating the roadway plan and evaluating the remainder of the re-paving efforts in 2020.

Lead Pipe Replacement

The Village of Malverne has negotiated with American Water while they are actively working on their water main replacement project throughout the Village. Homeowners are normally responsible for pipes connecting the curbside to the home water meter. After negotiations with the Village, American Water has agreed to replace these water supply lines in the cases where they are lead pipes, at no cost to the homeowner.

If Long Island American Water is performing infrastructure improvements on your road, notify the foreman that you would like to have your water supply line inspected. You must consent to site access so they can evaluate the situation. If the pipe from the curb to the street is lead, Long Island American Water will replace the lead pipe with copper pipe at no cost.

PSEG Restoration

Village Board negotiates with PSEG for complete restoration of Hempstead Ave, Broadway and the entire length of Dogwood Avenue at their expense as part of the PSEG redundancy utility project.

Since this will be a disruption to our community, PSEG has agreed to completely repave these roadways at their cost. Once this project is complete, the additional roadway repaving will continue according to the recalibrated plan.

Watch the Mayor's Update for More Information:


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