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Calling All Counselors!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Village is closely monitoring CDC and State regulations in preparation for a potential Summer Recreation Program for Grades K-4 to run from July 21st through August 13th.

The Mayor and Village Board are working closely with the Summer Recreation Program Staff in an attempt to provide an abbreviated, but safe and enjoyable Summer Recreation schedule.

In light of the very recent decisions by the State, Nassau County and, newly provided Guidance by the CDC, we are required to have fewer participants per group, increase the size of our facilities, adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, and stringent hygiene requirements, in addition to safety procedures the Village will ensure are implemented to protect all children potentially participating in the program.  The late nature of these decisions and the ever changing guidance provided by Federal and State authorities has shortened our planning process for the summer recreation program.

Therefore, in an attempt to ascertain the viability of the program our first step is ensuring we have enough counselors from the Village. Towards this end, Counselor Applications are available on the Village website and are being accepted by mail, hand delivery at Village Hall or via email at, through July 6, 2020.

The Village Board is committed to planning for a summer recreation program provided it can be designed in a safe and fun environment in accordance with the ever changing regulations and guidance. In the event, the summer recreation program does not go forward, The Village Youth Board Will schedule various socially distant and safe activities for all children throughout the Summer.

Upon receipt of counselor applications, the Village will make a final decision concerning the viability of the 2020 Summer Recreation a Program on July 8, 2020. Tentatively registration for the 2020 Summer Recreation Program will take place the week of July 13.

We appreciate the community's interest and understanding during this process, and please know we are doing everything possible under extremely unusual circumstances to ensure the 2020 Summer Recreation Program can go forward in a safe and fun environment.

The safety of our residents and the children participating in the program will always be the top priority for any decision made by this Village Board.

Counselor Applications are being accepted now through July 6 by mail, delivered to Village Hall, or emailed to:

Ages 14 and up


If you do not have valid working papers, call your public school district immediately.


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