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Statement on COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated: May 26, 2020

May 21, 2020

Public Service Announcement from Mayor Corbett

  • Village Hall Opens June 2020

  • Safety Protocols to be Followed

  • Bike Safety Program scheduled

  • Memorial Posters due May 24


April 21, 2020

Public Service Announcement from Mayor Corbett

  • We are almost there...

  • Stay Home.

  • Practice Malverne Get & Go


April 3, 2020 Public Service Announcement from Mayor Corbett - Stay Home - Practice the Malverne Get & Go - BE SAFE!


March 24, 2020



March 21,2020

EMERGENCY UPDATE FROM MAYOR CORBETT Approximately 2 weeks into a historic and deadly pandemic that is sweeping across the Nation and rapidly spreading across Nassau County - we MUST remain vigilant.

While we all love our family and dear friends, I know it can be trying to be cooped up in our homes, but I am urging ALL residents to stay OFF the streets for long periods of time and remain home for most of the day.

This Pandemic has significantly accelerated in the past few days and the various brush fires that existed earlier this week are now a full blown wild fire raging across NASSAU County. PLEASE continue to remain vigilant and stay off the streets for long periods of time.

We have remained relatively unscathed in Malverne because of the great participation of our residents cooperating with the warnings. Please DO NOT get complacent - know these are trying times, but this is a SERIOUS pandemic and we need to remain home for most of the day.

Occasional walks, exercise and going into the Commercial District for necessities still allows us to be off the streets for long periods of time and home for most of the day.

Malverne Public Safety Tips: 1. Get and Go: When you go into downtown, simply get your items and immediately go home. Do not stop to talk to anyone, keep your distance and go home.

2. Walk/Exercise with Housemates: Only walk/exercise with people who live in your home or alone. Do not walk/exercise with your best friends, classmates, aunts, uncles, etc., unless they live with you. When walking/exercising, keep your distance from other groups.

I know this is extremely difficult, but the more you interact with people who do not live in your home, the more likely the virus will spread throughout our Community.

Our Village emergency responders are fully equipped and prepared to protect every Malverne resident. Please heed these warnings for the protection of our wonderful Village.

Remember to remain calm, stay vigilant and be safe!

If anyone is in need of social assistance, please contact the Mayors office at 599-1200 and we will coordinate with Village houses of worship to address any needs.


March 18, 2020

Mayor Corbett Emergency Service Announcement


IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM MAYOR CORBETT March 14, 2020 On Monday March 9, 2020, the Malverne Office of Emergency Management was called into action. For the past few days, all Village Emergency Service Providers have coordinated and devised appropriate plans to respond to any level of Coronavirus outbreak in our community.

The Village Board's first priority is the safety of our residents. We ask all residents to remain calm, use appropriate precautions and know that emergency responders stand ready to assist, as necessary.

Please note, in the event you require emergency service responders, please listen to their directions and accommodate their reasonable requests to ensure both the emergency responders and members of our community remain safe.


March 13, 2020 The Village of Malverne is closely monitoring developments with the COVID-19 virus in terms of maintaining safety for the residents and village employees. We are following recommendations as directed by the Nassau County Department of Health.

For the time being, all appointments and meetings at Village Hall will continue as scheduled. However, if any of our residents are experiencing any of the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (fever, cough, shortness of breath), attends any school or place of work which has been closed due to the COVID-19 virus, or has traveled internationally in the past 2 weeks, they should consider calling village hall to see whether their business can be completed online or over the telephone.

Please consult NC DOH for more information.

Please continue to monitor our website, Malverne TV and the official Village Facebook Page for any updates of changes.

Incorporated Village of Malverne

99 Church Street

Malverne, NY 11565



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