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The Incorporated Village of Malverne has adopted a comprehensive and fiscally sustainable 5-year capital plan to ensure effective management of capital assets. A prudent multi-year plan identifies and prioritizes expected needs to support the various departments of the Village. This plan is inclusive of all governmental buildings, roadways, vehicle fleets and other critical infrastructure and apparatus needs. The capital plan is flexible, outlining the financial schedules for all major Capital Projects and infrastructure investments over a five-year period and is managed separately from the daily departmental operating budgets.

The Plan estimates total capital investment of approximately nineteen million dollars ($19,000,000) over the next five (5) years. Grant funding, cash on hand and operating budgets is expected to pay for almost 70% of this Plan. Future financing events will seek to minimize the impact on our residents and with careful consideration given to the Village’s outstanding debt.

The Village is currently in the budget planning process for Fiscal Year 2025. Once the budgets are finalized, the revised Capital Plan will be published here for reference.


  • New Malverne Police Station (ongoing project)

  • Pine Stream Extension Project (Whelan Field - funded by NY State)

  • Roadway Paving (ongoing project)

  • Street Lighting LED Conversion (funded by NYPA - Smart City Grant)

  • New Landscape Pickup Truck for DPW

  • New Garbage Truck for DPW

  • New Dump Truck for DPW

  • New Bucket Truck for DPW

  • New Roadway Sealant Machine for DPW

  • New Roof for DPW Building

  • New Roof on Fire Dept Building

  • Facility Improvements for the Fire Dept

  • New Telecom/Dispatching Equipment for Fire Dept

  • New Ladder Truck for Fire Dept

  • Well at Westwood Park

  • New Computer Systems at Village Hall



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