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The Pine Stream Extension Project undertakes improvement to the Pine Brook Stream corridor which runs in a north to south direction along the eastern border of the Incorporated Village of Malverne in the park known as Whelan Field. The primary goal of the project is to construct a water retention area to mitigate localized flooding in the Village while simultaneously improving public access, improving the environmental and ecological health of the surrounding areas while also enhancing the recreational aspects of the park.


The project envisions clean-up of brush and debris surrounding the stream, excavation, tree removal and contouring of project area in a manner consistent with supporting the construction of a storm water retention area. Following the construction of the area dedicated to water retention, the project will restore surrounding areas in an environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive manner that supports the preservation of abutting wetlands. Enhancements to include 2 new ball fields, a paved parking area with overlook, picnic areas, a dog park as well as an approximate half (½) mile pedestrian pathway encompassing the park which will incorporate educational and fitness components along the path.

(As of June 14, 2024)

  • June 10, 2024 ground breaking ceremony!

  • Fencing cleared and field excavation under way

  • The Department of Environmental Conservation has provided approval on plans

  • GOSR provides green light to for Village to go out to bid on the project

  • Anticipated project costs: $6.3M

  • Funding Source: State Governors Office of Storm Recovery

  • Priority to focus on drainage basins and ball fields first in order to seed fields by the Fall, followed by the remainder of the park and facilities.

  • 8-Month construction timeline - slated for re-opening Spring 2025



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